Here is my carpet, it is very beautiful and i used it to decorate my bedroom! it was a pleasure to see you in Agra, I loved india so much and i hope to come back next year! Good luck and see you soon!

Thanks much!

Linda -From Italy


Hello to Mr. Khan and the kind gentlemen who helped us to buy our rugs! I have received my rug in good condition. I am very pleased with it and how it looks in my home.

Wishing you all well.

Colleen Kells -From London


Dear sir,
as you can see the carpet that we bought on your store in Agra has arrived in good order. And we enjoy it, as we emjoyed our stay in India. I closed in a photograph of it.


Jan Hennis The Hague - The Netherlands


Dear Adil,
Here's the picture of the wonderful rug at my flat. I think it match perfectly with my grand father's desk in the back:) be asured that i will make some publicity for your carpets, at least to my visitors and family.

All the best!anks much!

Mathlas Domenig


Dear Sir,
My daughter and I visited the Mughal Carpet showroom in Agra and were so impressed with the rug making demonstration, craftsmanship, rug presentation and selection that we ended up buying a carpet! I couldn’t believe we found the perfect addition to our living room that far from our home in Colorado! And for a great price, delivered! Thank you

Beautiful carpets, amazing workmanship!



Favorite place for Carpets
It was an amazing experience to visit the Mughal Carpet. First because I learned how this amazing people make so many stunning pieces of art and second because I bought a stunning blue carpet for my new house and it had a great price + delivered to my door in Miami!!

Thank You !

Renata de Abreu