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This art come in India with the Mughal Empire , Mughal's were from Persia and when they come to India they bring some Artist from Persia so they can make rugs and Mughal kings use them in their castle and premises to feel homely atmosphere , That help them not to be homesick .

These artist from Persia when they meet Indian and get friendly so they share the weaving of rugs with Local Indian people as well and that is how this art start in India by locals. As we all know one the wonder of the world is TAJ MAHAL which was build by Mughal King (SHAH JAHAN) at that time AGRA was the capital of Mughal Kingdom and many weavers come to AGRA from Persia to weave rugs for the king and official people , Making Persian carpets started from AGRA ..
Mughal carpet company is the company who's ancestors made rugs for the mughal kings and then made rugs for the British govt when they rule India and after when India have its freedom then weavers of Mughal carpet company made rugs for self and for selling in local market for ages Mughal carpet supplied their beautiful carpets to local market and to mediator but due to not good and friendly response from local shops and mediator Mughal carpet start their own store in city AGRA , city of wonderful Taj Mahal ..

Mughal Carpet Company have over couple of 100's weaver families working together as team , The aim of company is to have equal right and importance to the real artist and total elimination of child labor , Now Mughal carpet company also export rugs in western world and also sale direct from the store in AGRA ,

The purpose and the goal of the company to provide as many people in the world a beautiful piece of art in real price from real people and also have a respect and support of the artist . Many people support and encourage the purpose , its like team work and its for love and respect . The real happiness in life is to make other happy...

Mughal carpet company also invite people from all over the world to learn and feel the art of making rugs , its like creating something which is very joyful..