Make To Order Rugs (Dream Carpet)

Dear Customer, we at Mughal Carpet Company India along with our couple of 100 weaver families are specialized in making Custom Rugs. People can order any size with any designs in any colors we have all in control.

We have made much special order for many people around the globe. People send their design with the size they required, inch by inch we can make accurate as per requested. Many time people select designs from our collection and send the colors, like example of their curtains or sofa cover or walls or surrounding and our professional artist design it all to perfection.

So don’t compromise and if you not like what you see then design your dream carpet and have it made specially for you with your energies of idea involved …

When we make special carpets we also keep update our customer with how their carpet is coming and who are the artist those making it to make it more special to them , at every step we share with them with pictures by e-mail..

Some examples of rugs we have made on request for other people …

1.Tiger skin made on hand made carpet for people from North yorkshire (U.K)

2.Family Crest made on request for people from IRELAND

3. Family crest made for family from U.S.A

4. Mordern design made for people from SWITZERLAND

5. Company name rug made on request for people from SWITZERLAND

6. Special size runner been created on the bases of picture recieved from U.S.A.

A. Picture of machine made rug recieved through post and on basis of that the runner is been created....

B. The finished runner and then picture of runner used by customer in their house...